Core value

WeatherPlus is a private company without backing from major capitalists and the government. In order to archive sustainable development, our development strategy focuses on delivering values to customers and continuous innovation.

WeatherPlus’ core values are the foundation of our development since establishment. These are the guidelines of our recruitment, training and operations to deliver the best services to our customers.

Positive Attitude

To achieve personal, mutual development and to create a positive environment, WeatherPlus adopts an optimistic and enthusiastic attitude through practicing open-minded thinking and proactive listening.

Devotion to serve

Every individual at WeatherPlus is dedicated to serve our partners and clients and to make positive contributions to our society.

Honesty and Sincerity

We understand that honesty and sincerity is the key for our development. Every feedback is encouraged at WeatherPlus to help us improve and innovate our services.

Team spirit

Every department and division at WeatherPlus prioritizes the company’s objectives by collaborating and cooperating in harmony in order to achieve them. 

Continuous Improvement

At WeatherPlus, we encourage individual development, continuous processes, products, and services improvement to deliver better products for our customers.

Commitment to reliability

We strive to become a reliable service provider, a trustworthy partner for our partners, shareholders and a reliable employer for our employees.

Determination to overcome hardship

WeatherPlus is determined to overcome any challenges, create our own path and passionate to thrive and success.

Innovative Thinking/ Mindset

Thinking out of the box, WeatherPlus is determined to maintain our leading position in private weather services, agriculture services and services via network operators.