Employment policies

Training and development

As people is the determining factor for WeatherPlus development, we have diligently strengthened our employees’ capabilities, expertise, and management skills

Our training and development policy includes:

  • Induction training for all employees
  • Technical training
  • Leadership training for potential leaders
Employment policies

Remuneration Policy

Salary Raise Policy

WeatherPlus conducts performance review once per year to evaluate pay raise. The review takes place on the date of the official employment contract. The amount of raise is based on last year’s performance.

KPI Bonus

Every month, based on previous month KPI, company will reward one individual from each department with the best performance within the department.

Bonus based on company performance

Our bonus is based on the company’s performance review every 6 months. The bonus will be paid the first month of the next term.

Seniority-based Reward

Any employee who has worked more than 3 years in WeatherPlus will be rewarded accordingly to their years of devotion to WeatherPlus

13-month pay

At the end of 1 year, every employee with official employment contract will be rewarded with 13th month salary. The amount of bonus is in accordance to the number of months the employee had worked at WeatherPlus in that year.

Individual and team rewards

In the Company’s year-end Gala, WeatherPlus has numerous awards for individuals and teams with excellent performance and great contributions to company’s development.

Welfare Policy

WeatherPlus always strives to create the best working environment for our employees.

Travel – Teambuilding:

Every year, the company will organize summer holiday trip for employees. In addition, thorough the year, the company will hold team building activities to enhance employees’ togetherness and collaborations.

Health: Annual health checkup for employees with official contract. 100% of the expense is covered by the company. Furthermore, employees with more than 1 year of working at WeatherPlus, will be covered with Health insurance that covers both stay-in and outside medical cost.

Insurance: Employees with official contract will be covered with Social Insurance, Medical Insurance and Unemployment Insurance according to the state’s laws.

Pregnancy: Female employees with more than 12 months of working at WeatherPlus will be provided financial aid equivalent of 1 month salary. In addition, the employees will also receive all benefits according to social insurance’s regulations.


In order to improve employees’ health, company provides financial support for employees interested in various sports such as soccer, yoga, Zumba, and swimming…

Employees also receive monetary rewards and gifts for holiday, lunar new year and other special occasions such as International women day, Independent day, Labor day, etc.