Weather Station Rental

Instead of getting a weather station, clients have an option of renting WeatherPlus’ weather stations and accessing our real-time weather report and forecasting service.

Our clients are entitled to receive support from WeatherPlus technician team. In addition, our clients will receive weather notifications via SMS and email.

The rental fee includes one-time installation fee and monthly fee based on client’s usage level.

Weather Station Rental

Our advantages

No need to concern for warranty, maintenance, and repair

No need to concern for equipment’s oversight and protection

Avoid complications related to registration and investment permit

WeatherPlus is the exclusive supplier of Pessl Instrument in Vietnam – an Austrian brand with more than 30 years of experience in producing auto-monitoring equipment for hydrometeorology, air, soil, and water.

WeatherPlus is in charge of Pessl’s distribution and provides product warranty and maintenance in Vietnam.

Weather Station Rental